We've put together a set of usecases for you to understand the nature of apps/bots that you will be building in CliqTrix.


What is CliqTrix?

CliqTrix is Zoho's annual app-building contest in which contestants compete by creating real-time apps on Zoho's messaging platforms.
You can either:

Build a productivity app in Zoho Cliq

Build a productivity app using the Zoho Cliq platform to help users improve their workplace productivity.


Build a website bot or widget in Zoho SalesIQ

Build a bot in Zoho SalesIQ to assist, interact with and guide website visitors or build a widget to bring an external app inside SalesIQ.

What's in it for you?

A chance to win an internship opportunity at Zoho and
cash prizes worth ₹ 2,00,000

What's in it for you? What's in it for you? ₹1,00,000 What's in it for you? ₹50,000 What's in it for you? ₹25,000 What's in it for you?
And five runner-up prizes of ₹5,000 each

CliqTrix contest timeline

Oct 28
Registration opens
Nov 4 - 5
Educational webinars for contestants
Nov 8
Last date to register
Nov 28
App submission date
Dec 17


Entry criteria:

  • You can participate individually or as a team of 2.
  • Only students are allowed to enroll (second year to final year).
  • You should be an undergraduate engineering student (any stream) or a B.Sc. Computer Science/IT student.

App Criteria

Only one submission is allowed. Your submission should either be a Cliq extension or a SalesIQ bot/widget.

  • If you build a Cliq extension, it should have at least one widget or bot. You should not build an extension for any major product already listed in our Marketplace.
  • If you build a SalesIQ bot, it should engage with website visitors, collect data, and have a workflow (e.g., collected data should be funneled into a tool/database). You can also choose to build a widget to fetch and display relevant information from an external app and help perform actions for the operators.

How do I get started?

How do I get started?
  • Register for CliqTrix through this website.
  • Open your welcome email to read through the contest information, learn about past contests, and study the help material.
  • Start building your Cliq extension or SalesIQ bot with Deluge, Zoho’s scripting language, Codeless Platform and Zia Skills Platform, Zoho's AI-powered assistant.
  • You can also build your extension on Zoho Catalyst or any another platform and connect it with Cliq or SalesIQ.

What can I build?

Let your imagination run wild! All we are asking for is either a productivity app in Zoho Cliq or a website bot/widget in Zoho SalesIQ. The rest is up to you (just be sure to follow the rules listed below)

Icon Cliq
  • Zoho Cliq is a business communication and collaboration platform. With numerous productivity tools and integrations, Cliq helps users get work done faster.
  • You need to build an extension or integration for Zoho Cliq using the Cliq platform. This extension should help users collaborate better and keep their work organized.
  • You can either build a stand-alone extension in Cliq or an integration connecting Cliq with a third-party application.
Use Cases
Icon SalesIQ
  • Zoho SalesIQ is a customer engagement platform. Businesses use the live chat app in SalesIQ to engage with the visitors to their website or mobile app.
  • Live chat applications work best with a bot that engages with visitors by answering questions. You need to build a new bot to communicate with and guide site/app visitors. You can also build a widget in SalesIQ to display relevant information when an operator chats with a visitor.
  • Your bot should engage with visitors, collect information from them, trigger a workflow and reduce operators’ workload. The widget that you build should be able to pull data about a visitor from third-party apps and display them inside the operator chat window to make conversations more relevant.
Use Cases


  • Where should I build the app?

    Zoho Cliq app - You can build your Cliq app within Cliq platform using Deluge. You can also use Zoho Catalyst to build your extensions or build webhook based extensions using cloud platforms such as Azure, Heroku or AWS.

    Zoho SalesIQ Bot - You can either build a code-based bot, a codeless bot with plugs, or a stand-alone third-party widget in SalesIQ.

  • What is the programming language I need to know?

    You can build your app using Deluge (Zoho's scripting language and very easy to learn!). Or you can use any other language that you're familiar with, by using Zoho Catalyst or any other cloud platform.

  • What are the prerequisites for participating in the contest?

    You must be a student (2nd to final year) as of 2023. Only two participants per team is allowed.

  • How many apps can I build?

    Applicants may only submit one entry, which can be either a Cliq app or a Zoho SalesIQ website bot/widget. Applicants may only work on one team, and that one team can only submit one entry.

    However, you are free to explore all the capabilities of both Cliq and SalesIQ during the time of the contest.

  • Will there be any training provided?

    Yes, we will provide training via webinars (online videos). We also have comprehensive help guides to take you through Deluge and our developer platform.

  • My friend and I are from different colleges. Can we register as a team?

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Can I add a teammate once I register?

    Yes, you can. Send an email to contact@cliqtrix.com and we will help you out. Please remember, each person may only participate on one team, and cannot submit work through multiple different teams.

  • How will I get updates about CliqTrix?

    We will send all registered applicants emails for major announcements. You will also be invited to join channels in Cliq (such as a large group chat with other Trixsters for announcements and discussions).

  • Will I receive certificates?

    Certificates are awarded to members who are chosen for the final round.